Power of Destruction

Rias using Power of Destruction

Light Based Power Fallen angel using Light Spear

Senjutsu/Yojutsu/Touki Koneko how she looks like in Senjutsu form

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Power of DestructionEdit

An ability exclusive only to the Bael family, the Great King and the highest ranking family out of the 72 pillars. The Gremory siblings (Rias and Sirzechs) inherited this ability from their mother Venelana who original is from the Bael family. It is a very feared ability in the underworld.

'Light-Based Po'wersEdit

An ability that only angels and fallen angels possess.


The power to control the flow of life. By controlling the flow of ki in the environment and within themselves a person can strengthen physical bodies of cause plants around you to wither or bloom. You can spy on someone from afar by reading their aura of ki. Disrupting the flow of ki in someones body can be very damaging to the physical body. If someone is to learn to completely control the flow of ki they can even distort space and time itself. Koneko can use this ability since she is a nekomata.a


Similiar to using illusions (genjutsu).


A type of energy that can be obtained by training the body to its uttermost limits, gaining the base of life and wearing it. This gives someone destructive power. A person who trained in senjutsu can use touki.

Juggernaut DriveEdit

A special ability of Sacred Gears with beings sealed inside them. It is exclusive to the Longinus Boosted Gear and Divine Dividing, and are considered to be forbidden moves. The Juggernaut Drive temporarily removes the seal placed on the Heavenly Dragons, but the users will lose their sanity while their lives are devoured by the power.

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