Dragons (ドラゴン Doragon) are one of the most powerful and prominent creatures in High School DxD.


Dragons are beings created from large masses of energy and act freely and selfishly. Despite this, Dragons have an extremely high level of intelligence.

Dragons are creatures that represent power. As such, in all ages, Dragons are admired, respected, and feared by all. The Dragons are the only creatures whom, as a race, did not side with any of the three factions in the Great
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Great red from the high school dxd light novel

War, unlike the [http:// Youkai], [http:// European Monsters], spirits, fairies, and other supernatural races. However, some individual Dragons "did" join one of the Three Factions.

Unlike other races that have long lifespans, all Dragons have a limitless lifespan, as they do not age after reaching maturity and will only die if they are killed.

Currently, almost all of the Dragons of legend are sealed in Sacred Gears, dormant, missing, or dead.

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