The three factions are the main groups of mythologies most represented in the story. The main groups consisted of the angel, fallen angel and devil. The angels are the group who firmly believe in god and follow his teaching whom occupied heaven. The fallen angels are the second main group of mythologies. This faction consist of being who were once angel but have fallen after learning of god's death and became tainted with darkness but still can use their divine power. This group reside within an unknown area of the underworld. The last faction are the devil who reside in the underworld. This group as of modern day consist of only three true family that was a part of the 72 pillars of hell and the other families were born from those devils who proved their power and survived the great war and were chosen to be the head of newly created families. Each of the three faction considered each other to be enemy but the brunt of attacks and pressure are felt by the devil. Of course, these three factions are not the only groups out there but they are the main players in the big major war and battles that are currently happening in the world.

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