The Fallen Angels (堕天使 Datenshi) are one of the Three Factions in High School DxD, alongside the Angels and Devils.

About Fallen AngelsEdit

Fallen Angels are Angels that have fallen from the grace of God, due to having "impure thoughts" that divert them from the teachings of the God in the Bible. The leaders of Grigori were tempted by human women and had fallen after having sex with them.
  • Fallen angels destroy churches so they have hideouts

Despite being cast out of Heaven, Fallen Angels and their subordinates have been known to occupy churches and use them as bases. However, they go out of their way to destroy all of the religious icons in these churches in the process.

Currently, the Fallen Angels have the smallest population among the Three Factions.

Appearance Edit

Fallen Angels have an appearance similar to their Angel counterparts with their wings; however, their wings are colored black as opposed to the Angels' white wings. Also, because they have been cast out of Heaven by God, they also lack the halos above their heads. Fallen Angels are often seen wearing dark-colored clothes, mainly pertaining to the colors black and violet.

Fallen Angel Raynare

The rank of a Fallen Angel depends on how many wings he/she has. For example, [http:// Azazel], the leader of the Fallen Angels, has six sets of wings which justify his position. The blackness of the wings of each Fallen Angel is also different, Azazel, for example, has jet-black wings with feathers that have the color of everlasting darkness and is darker than endless darkness.


Although they have been cast out from Heaven, Fallen Angels retain the ability to use light-based weapons. This type of weaponry is extremely harmful and poisonous to Devils, as it is shown many times when Issei is wounded by Dohnaseek and Raynare
  • Dohnaseek holding a light spear
  • Fallen Angels
  • Raynare taking Asia's Scared Gear
  • Raynare using Asia's Scared Gear After Asia died

Unlike Angels and Devils who require the use of a respective [http:// Brave Saint] or [http:// Evil Piece] to replenish their numbers, Fallen Angels can replenish their number of "pure" Angels simply by tempting the remaining pure Angels in Heaven to join them. It is unknown if it works in the opposite direction, where the Fallen Angels can redeem themselves via selfless and righteous acts to rejoin Heaven. They can also increase their numbers through childbirth, as with the case of [http:// Baraqiel] with Akeno through [http:// Akeno's mother].

Fallen Angels, like other factions, have their own system of magic and spells. This includes a method to wipe the memories of large numbers of people, as shown when all ofIssei friends forgot about Yuuma, or when Azazel wiped the memories of the girls of Kuoh Academy.

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