So you've come to be interested in who all is in the Oppai Dragon's harem? Well, read and grieve men!

High School DxD list of Characters, Trivia, added details you might not have heard.

  • Issei’s Harem Of Girls: The following girls are members of Issei’s Harem.
  • Rias Gremory’s entire Female Peerage all live at The Hyoudou Residence and are part of Issei’s Harem.
  • Strikethrough means that it´s already confirm.
  • Undeline that´s possible that joins the Harem.

Rias Gremory - Rias is the first girl Issei truly falls in love with. She’s a great person because of her good traits for example like how kind hearted, intelligent and thoughtful she can be. Rias is also beautiful, elegant and quite popular. I can definitely see why Issei’s is in love with her! Here’s a little trivia, Rias along with Asia become the first two girls in Issei’s Harem. Rias is another resident of the Hyoudou Household. She is engaged to Issei from volume 22.

Akeno Himejima - Akeno was Born a half Fallen Angel, half human child, she's reincarnated by Rias after she saved Akeno’s life. She becomes Rias’s Queen and close friend for life. She is one of first few girls to become part of Issei’s Harem right along with Rias, and Asia. Akeno is another resident of the Hyoudou Household. She is engaged to Issei from volume 22.

Koneko Toujou‏‎ - Koneko is one of two Nekamada sisters that joins Issei’s Harem. Koneko joined the Harem much sooner then her older sister did. Koneko unlike her older sister Kuroka fights as part of Rias’s peerage, where as Kuroka fights alongside Issei and others. Thanks to Issei’s help Koneko and Kuroka finally start to patch things up and become close like they were before. They are truly members of his family! Koneko is another resident of the Hyoudou Household. She is engaged to Issei from volume 24.

  • End of Rias Gremory’s Female Peerage>>>>><<<<<
  • Issei Hyoudou’s entire Female Peerage all live at The Hyoudou Residence and are part of Issei’s Harem.

Asia Argento - Asia joins Rias’s peerage after she was killed by Raynare an evil fallen angel. She joins as Rias’s bishop, her role in Rias’s peerage is to support everyone else by healing them. Asia is a capable healer, by properly utilizing her sacred gear (Twilight Healing), she can heal a great many people. Asia later on becomes one of Issei’s bishops, with Ravel Phoenix being the other. Asia joins Issei’s peerage after his promotion to high ranking independent Devil King. Asia is another resident of the Hyoudou Household. She is engaged to Issei from volume 23

Xenovia - Xenovia is currently serving as Rias Gremory Knight for now, but later on becomes one of Issei’s Knights in his peerage. Xenovia joins Issei’s peerage when he becomes a high ranking independent Devil King. [Xenovia Quarta] is her full name, but she typically just goes by Xenovia. Xenovia is another resident of the Hyoudou Household. She is engaged to Issei from volume 23.

Irina Shido - Irina was originally a human, but became a angel in service of the high ranked pure angel Michael! She later on becomes a Knight in his peerage just like Xenovia. Irina joins Issei’s peerage when he becomes a high ranking independent Devil King. Irina is another resident of the Hyoudou Household. She is engaged to Issei from volume 23.

Rossweisse - Rossweisse is a magic casting master, a former Valkyrie, and was recently made into a reborn devil as part of Rias peerage. Rossweisse joins as a member of Issei’s Harem. This all happens in the twelfth episode of High School DxD Season 3. Though she does make several appearances prior to joining Rias’s peerage. Later on she becomes part of Issei’s peerage and serves as one of his rooks. Rossweisse joins Issei’s peerage when he becomes a high ranking independent Devil King! Rossweisse is another resident of the Hyoudou Household. She is engaged to Issei from volume 25.

Ravel Phoenix - Ravel has a big crush on Issei’s, she wants to be by Issei’s side at all times. She’s a pure blooded devil from the Phenex family among the 72 pillars. She’s the only Phenex clan’s daughter and is also part of Issei’s Harem. She joins his Harem in the fourth season. Ravel Phoenix later on serves as one of Issei’s bishops along side [Asia Argento]. She is Issei’s manger at Kuoh Academy, his Vice President Of The Hyoudou Enterprise Branch and she’s part of his family. Ravel is another resident of the Hyoudou Household.

Lee Fay Pendragon - Lee Fay becomes Issei’s contracted Magician for 5 Years after meeting Ravels expectations. Le Fay is part of Issei’s Harem, shes also close friends with Fenrir, Kuroka, Koneko, and Orphis. She’s a cute blonde, who’s a fan of Issei’s, though ironically enough it is because of his perverse TV show! Le Fay is another resident of the Hyoudou Household.

Kuroka - Kuroka is Koneko’s older sister and is part of Issei’s Harem just like all the girls listed on this page! She’s a close friend of Issei’s, they work well together on the job. Kuroka has developed romantic feelings for Issei’s as he helped her fix her relationship with Koneko her younger sister. Issei is also very protective of Kuroka just like he is with the other girls. Kuroka on occasion works with Koneko, Lee Fay, Orphis, and even Fenrir on missions together, they make a great team too! Kuroka is another resident of the Hyoudou Household. She is engaged to Issei from volume 24.

  • Issei’s Dragon Girls

Orphis(Unlikely) - Orphis is a dragon and is one of Issei’s many close female friends, she’s a member of his Harem, and is part of his family. She’s a fellow dragon who he cares for deeply, origanlly they we’re supposedly enemies, but they never really we’re. Orphis is another resident of the Hyoudou Household.

Lilith (Unlikely) - Lilith is the dragon spawn of Orphis, as such she looks almost identical to Orphis. She’s still has a different appearance due to her hairstyle, and personality. She starts to like Issei’s almost immediately, just like the other girls overtime. Lilith is another resident of the Hyoudou Household.

Tiamat - Tiamat is a dragon just like Orphis and Lilith, she’s part of Issei’s Harem, and is close with the other girls of the Hyydou Household. Tiamat is another resident of the Hyoudou Household.

  • Dragon Harem’s End>>>>><<<<<
  • Issei’s Fox Girls

Konou - Konou is Yasaka’s only known Fox child, she’s is very loved and cared for by her mother. She attends Kuoh Academy as a middle school student, she’s also a skilled Yokai at fighting just like her mother. Konou is another resident of the Hyoudou Household.

Yasaka (Unlikely) - Yasaka is Konou’s Fox Mom, she’s also another member of Issei’s Harem. Yasaka is another resident of the Hyoudou Household.

  • Fox Harem’s End>>>>><<<<<
  • Issei’s Vampire Girls

Valerie Tepes (Unlikely) - Valerie is Damphere which is a unique kind of Vampire that’s half pure blood, half human. She once served as the leader of the Tepesh Household, a almost all male vampire household and faction. She later was betrayed by her own family including that of her brother. Valerie later was rescued by Issei and the other members of Rias’s peerage. Valerie has become part of Issei’s Harem. Valerie had her sacred gears stolen from her which effected her personality, energy and abilities. Issei helped Valerie recover one of the two stolen sacred gears which saves her life, returns some of her powers, and lost energy from before. She’s a close friend to many of the girls and is Gasper’s Childhood Friend. Valerie is well respected and admired by those around her. She's apparently responsible for making Gasper want to cross dress as odd as that is. Valerie has romantic feelings for Issei. Valerie is another resident of the Hyoudou Household.

Millarca Vorden (Unlikely) - Millarca is second year High School Student, she’s also a new member of the Student Council. She joins the Student Council as a new first year accountant after Sona and her peerage graduate High School. Millarca is later revealed as a friend of Elmenhilde, a Vampire Of Royal Blood, and is princess of the Vordenburg Family which is part of the Carmilla Faction. Millarca was a member of the Carmilla Faction, just like Elmenhilde was. Millarca works with Quryuu to track down the remaining two variations of the Longinus. Millarca is good friend of Issei’s and another member of Issei’s Harem. Millarca is another resident of the Hyoudou Household.

Elmenhilde Karnstein - Elmenhilde is pure blooded vampire of royal linage. She is from the female faction for vampires. She may not be as powerful as Valerie, or be able to kick as much ass, but later on she becomes just as sweet a girl as Valerie. At first when Issei met Elmenhilde she was a rude, childish, bratty, obnoxious little pain in the but you ever did see. Elmenhilde had been trying at the time to take Gasper away as a weapon for their war at the time. Issei managed to beat his enemy’s, save Gasper, and in doing so he even saved Elmenhilde who falls madly in love with him over it. She shortly there after Issei saved her starts to act all nervous, embarrassed, and like a klutz around him, which only further proves she’s in love with Issei. Elmenhilde joins Issei’s Harem right away. Elmenhilde is another resident of the Hyoudou Household.

- (Trivia) Elmenhilde serves as one of Issei’s pawns, she takes up two pawn pieces, she’s in above average fighter. She’s a Pure Blooded Vampire, reborn a devil in the service of Issei Hyyoudou as part of his peerage. Issei’s is Elmenhilde’s Harem King.

- (Trivia) Elmenhilde drinks Issei’s and Ravel’s Blood shes gains considerably powerful far exceeding anyone expectations, she probably becomes strong then 6 pawns combined power put together, which is awesome:)

- (Trivia) Elmenhilde and Issei in this part of the story makes me think of a fairy tale romance I watched when I was as a kid!

  • Vampire Harem’s End>>>>><<<<<
  • Additional Girls to be added into Issei’s Harem.

Roygun Belphegor - When Roygun was disowned by her own devil family, she became a outcast, lonely and bored. She later on becomes aware of Issei and his achievements. Roygun shorty there after plays an active role in Issei’s life and begains to fall in love with him as time goes on. She joins Issei’s Harem along with her entire peerage. All of her members from her peerage have pledged to serve Issei. She joins Issei in rating games and serves as their team advisor. This all happens later on when he becomes a High Class Devil King! Roygun and all of her female peerage live with Issei and the other girls at the Hyoudou Household.

Abe Kiyome (Unlikely) - Kiyome is a human girl, a long haired brunette, with large curls in her hair. Kiyome entered Kuoh Academy around the same time Rias, Akeno, Sona and Tsubaki did. She hasn’t been playing an active roll in High School DxD Tv Show so far, but that will change very soon. Kiyome has been mentioned a lot, she’s also made several appearances in the light novels and manga. Kiyome is a sweet, thoughtful girl, who’s also a skilled beast tamer. She’s very kind to animals and people alike. She’s a former Tennis Ball Captain and is a first year college student in Kuoh Academy. Kiyome once asked Rias for Issei for a day if she won a tennis game which she does. She fears being turned into to a Devil, so she was hesitant to ask them for help with stoping the forced engagement crap. Kiyome gets Issei to play her fake boyfriend for a day, she challenges her father to a dual with Issei’s help which they win.

- (Trivia) Kiyome and Issei also pass a series of tests so Issei can be a candidate for marriage instead of some stranger which he passes perfectly. Kiyome is now engaged to Issei. She now no longer has to marry some stranger thanks to Issei’s help

- (Trivia) Kiyome falls in love with Issei though she is hesitant to say anything because she knows he loves Rias, Akeno and a ton of other girls. Kiyome will confess to Issei how she feels sometime later.

- (Trivia) Kiyome is a beast tamer who has tamed multiple kinds of creatures, spirts, and other worldly beings.

- (Trivia) Kiyome is kinda afraid of devils but seems to okay around Rias and Issei.

- (Trivia) Kiyome is the foremost expert on spirits, ghosts, and other worldly beings. She’s an expert on all extraterrestrial stuff too, just kidding lol:)

- (Trivia) Kiyome on occasion, when asked will come over to the Hyyoudou Residence, sometimes to check on Koneko’s condition if there’s something wrong with her.

- Tadami Kamo (Unlikely) - Tadami is a third year student and a member of the new Student Council along with, [Millarca Vorden] who’s second year student. Tadami joins the Student Council as a secretary. Tadami is a former Onmyouji who became a Devil, she appears in a short story and fights [Milton]. Milton is a human, cross dressing, giant hulk. Tadami loses to Milton in their fight with eachother. She considers Milton as her rival for fighting.

  • End of Issei’s Female Peerage >>>>><<<<<

- Devil King Leviathan Title >>>>>>>>>> - Serafall Leviathan - Serafall was known as Serafall Sitri before becoming 1 Of The 4 great Devil Kings. She is Sona Sitri’s older sister, is Milton’s master and is also another member of Issei’s Harem. She is another resident of the Hyoudou Household.

  • Sona Sitri’s entire Female Peerage all will move into the Issei Hyoudou Residence overtime. Sona’s entire Female Peerage joins Issei’s Harem.

Sona Sitri (Unlikely) - Sona is the King of her household and is considered the sole air of the house of Sitri. Sona is a close friend of Issei’s and they have a good start for a potential relationship. She’s flirts with Issei on occasion, respects him for his hard work, and determination. She’s a possible addition to Issei’s Harem, however I’m not making any promises lol.

Tsubaki Shinra (Unlikely) - Tsubaki is Sona’s Queen, she has a crush on Kiba Yuuto when he protected her while they fought Loki. Tsubaki is a close friend of Issei’s and on occasion he helps her become closer to Kiba Yuuto. The real reasons Issei is helping Tsubaki is so she knows he’s good person. Issei also wants to end any false rumors about him being gay so she will take interest in him! I believe Tsubaki will fall in love with Issei even though she’s got a crush on Kiba, just a hunch, no guarantees here!

Momo Hanakai (Unlikely) - Momo is a Bishop in service to Sona Sitri and is a third year student of Kuoh Academy High School. She’s a long silver haired cutie, average height and is a member of the student council along with everybody else in Sona’s peerage. Momo along with her junior Ruruko both encourage Issei to date Sona his close friend.

Bennia (Unlikely) - Bennia is a Knight in service to Sona Sitri later on in the show. She’s made several appearances in the light novels. She’s a fan of Issei’s oppai Dragon Show and later on has become romanticly interest in him. Bennia respects Sona as her leader, she lives with Issei as a member of his Harem. She on occasion also enters rating games, though not always as Issei’s ally. Bennia at one point referred to the Hyoudou Household as Shangralaw. Bennia is another resident of the Hyoudou Household.

Tsubasa Yura (Unlikely) - Tsubasa is a Pawn in service of Sona Sitri. She has got a crush on Issei, she’s shows up later in TV show High School DxD to congratulate Issei on his mid-rank devil promotion. Tsubasa is afraid she will be killed by Rias and Akeno so she’s hesitating to tell Issei how she feels about him. Tsubasa will confess to Issei how she feels sometime later. Tsubasa does join Issei’s Harem. Tsubasa is another resident of the Hyoudou Household.

Ruruko Nimura (Unlikely) - Ruruko is a Pawn in service to Sona Sitri. Ruruko is a first year High School student at Kuoh Academy. Ruruko has a crush on Saji a punk from Sona’s peerage. Ruruko is a friend of Issei’s and is hoping Sona dates Issei. She encourages Issei to get close to Sona Sitri. Ruruko sees Sona as Love rival to get Saji. Sona has absolutely no interest in Saji or any other guy besides Issei. Ruruko sees Momo as a rival but in Momo’s case she would be right since she has a crush on Saji too.

  • End of Sona Sitri’s Female Peerage>>>>><<<<<

- General Trivia for High School DxD.

  • Issei is a pervert, but a very popular guy with girls, he’s constantly getting new girls being added to his Harem, he also has lots of friends. Issei’s very protective of the girls, they are like family to him and he’s family to the girls.
  • Kiba is a popular blonde pretty boy at Kuoh Academy, much to Issei’s dismay. Kiba has three girls who he’s friends with, he talks to multiple people outside The Occult Research Club (ORC).
  • Issei seems to like three Human girls of his class, he cares for them a lot, though they don’t know yet. The Girls names of who he likes that are Human include Aika Kiryuu, Murayami & Katase.
  • Issei has trouble with math, unlike Rossweisse who has no trouble with homework at all. Rossweisse becomes Issei’s teacher, and part of his Harem. She’s a close friend of all the girls:)
  • The members Of Issei’s Harem are from different houses, factions, dimensions, and are of different species such as Cat Girls, Fox Girls, Dragons, Vampires, Devils, Angels, Fallen Angels, Sorcerers, etc.
  • Issei has a large mansion 6 story’s tall with 3 underground basements which is totally awesome. He and all the girls in his Harem live at the Hyoudou Residence.
  • Issei later on becomes Company President of the Hyyoudou Branch Office, Ravel becomes his Vice President, and other members of his peerage work at the office too. The Hyyoudou Branch Office is located 10 minutes away from their mansion. Only authorized personnel may access the lower levels.
  • Seekvaira’s house once was independent prior to the scandal about her using the forbidden King Piece. She ended up becoming interested in Issei shortly after the scandal started.
  • Seekvaria ends up joining Issei’s Peerage, Harem, and also becomes his Rating Game Advisor. Her entire Female Peerage has also joined and pledged their undying loyalty to Issei forever.

Seekvaira Agares (Unlikely) - Seekvaira is a Royal Devil King, air to her household, and is a childhood friend of Rias’s right along with Sona. She’s an elegant Woman, modest and very beautiful just like Rias. However she’s been known to be hostile, hot headed and rather sharp tongued too those especially she doesn’t like. Seekvaira on occasion calls Rias and her peerage her comrades. Seekvaira did not think much of Issei originally and for a time couldn’t stand him. When Issei becomes a high ranking independent Devil King, Issei’s relationship with Seekvaira improves significantly. They do end up being close friends, talking about Mecha Anime, she’s totally in Otaku whatever that is. Seekvaira does join Issei’s Harem. Seekvaira is another resident of the Hyoudou Household.

- (Trivia) She finds one of Issei’s techniques bothersome, later on in the storyline Seekvaira decides to complain about Issei’s new special move. The Devil Kings, even Sairaorg approves the use of Issei’s special move, thus Seekvaira’s complaint fell on deff ears.

- (Trivia) Seekvaira and Issei seem to have a strong friendship with each other, this opens the door for a potential romantic relationship down the road!

- (Trivia) Seekvaira is a tall women, appearing in her late teens, she has long blonde hair with a slight hint of green, and she has deep red eyes.

  • End of Former Devil King Seekvaira’s Female Peerage>>>>><<<<<

Grayfia Lucifuge (Unlikely) - Grayfia has had a recurring role in High School DxD. She’s a strict, elegant, mostly well mannered lady, with a kind heart to boot. Grayfia is Issei’s future Queen in rating games and beyond though in disguise, this happens when he later on becomes a independent high ranking Devil King. She’s very important to Issei, she’s a part of his family, and she becomes close friends with the other girls in Issei’s Harem. Issei and her seem to be mutually attracted to each other.

  • (Trivia) Gabriel’s entire Angel filled Female Peerage later on becomes part of Issei’s Harem and moves into the Hyoudou Household.

Gabriel (Unlikely) - Gabriel is an Angel who’s Issei is mutually attracted too. She has a playful, sweet, intent side to her making her all the more attractive. Gabriel is one of the highest ranked Pure Angels left! She later on becomes a member of Issei Harem later on. She’s made several appearances in the Light Novels. Gabriel is liked by her fellow angels, well respected, and Issei seems to have a good relationship with her. She has a very kind, gentle, not judgemental personality which’s makes it easy to be around her even in Issei’s case.

Griselda Quarta (Unlikely) - Griselda is in service to Gabriel as a member of her peerage, relative of Senovia, and is also a future member of Issei’s Harem! She trusts that Issei will take good care of her adopted little sister Xenovia. Griselda is a good friend of Issei’s, and is kind sister to Xenovia mostly anyway.

  • End of High Angel Gabriel’s Female Peerage>>>>><<<<<
  • Riser Phoenix’s Female Peerage
  • (Trivia) Risers peerage except the Queen becomes part of Issei’s Harem and they make wonderful new additions to Issei’s family of girls!

- (Trivia) One of Risers [Bishops] Ravel Phoenix is now part of Issei’s Harem and is no longer in service to a waste of space like Riser Phoenix.

- (Trivia) [Risers dirty Queen] is quite disgusting so he can keep her. The Queen is the only girl who he’s actually romantically and intimately involved with.

- (Trivia) [Risers temporary members] Here are more future family members to be added to Issei’s Harem.

Mihae (Unlikely) - Mihae is a Bishop in service to Riser for now. Mihae is the ONLY BISHOP Riser has, cry me a river lol. She will probably join Issei’s Harem, but I’m not sure though?

Siris - Siris is a Knight in service to Riser for now. She’s a mysteries sword wielding beauty, with few words to say, she’s quick attack, and slow to relax. I’d say she quite a handful. Siris is definitely a one of kind, kind of Knight, she’s not bound by a code of honor like other Knights, she’s not little miss ethical, she’s a short fuse ready to go off. This chick is one tough cookie, she will give a Queen a run for her money.

- (Trivia) Siris is tall, beautiful, skilled, swords woman, who really goes all out in a fight.

- (Trivia) Siris is likely attracted to strong Men so Issei’s is probably a safe bet for her. I think they are on friendly or okay terms at least.

Karlamine - Karlamine is a Knight in service to Riser for now. She got beat by a combo attack from Kiba and Issei in a rating game late in the 1st season. She respects Issei because he was able to defeat [Isabella], but at the sametime she’s disgusted by the perverse method he used to win his fight.

- (Trivia) Karlamine respects her opponents, even more so when they beat her in actual combat.

- (Trivia) Karlamine seems to have taking a liking to Issei, and she has become a potential addition to Issei’s Harem.

Xuelan - Xuelan is a Rook in service to Riser for now. She’s a strong, skilled fighter who’s power level is on par with that of a Queen. She’s able it emit flames from her hands and her feet. She’s a powerful Kon Fu martial artist, she’s of Chinese decent and is quite a beauty. Xuelan is total hottie, she has beautiful long black hair, bright deep blue eyes, wears a blue Chinese dress.

- (Trivia) Xuelan prefers to fight Koneko in rating games when given the chance which she’s done twice and lost both times she fought.

- (Trivia) Xuelan doesn’t seem to hate Issei so she’s probably on at least friendly terms with right now.

- (Trivia) Xuelan seems to like strong opponents, she enjoys fighting, and she also is good opponent even for above average fighters.

Isabella - Isabela is a Rook in service to Riser for now. She got beat by Issei’s dirty move in the Season 1 along with [Mira] and others. Even though he beat her using a perverse method, he still earned her respect as worthy foe. Isabell later on becomes a fan of his, and takes an interest into what he’s doing.

- (Trivia) Isabela even states this about Issei’s fight with her quote “That If he becomes stronger I will have something to boast about it as well.”

- (Trivia) Isabela becomes romantically interested in him later on. She likes strong guys and Issei fits the bill.

Mira - Mira is a pawn in service to Riser’s for now. She's use to only think of Issei as a pervert, but later on changes her mind about him. Since his successful fight with Riser and Issei becoming a beloved kids show host as Asia pointed out, Mira has become a fan of his. As time passed by Mira started to developed feelings for Issei. Issei’s got his perverse tv show to thank for that. I’m not sure if she joins his Harem, but there is a good chance.

Marion - Marion is a Pawn in service to Riser for now.

Shuriya - Shuriya is a Pawn in service to Riser for now. She has long black hair, kinda wild, but looks like a rather pretty hair style I think. She wears a long white dress, and is quite beautiful in it. She’s bit of a cocky fighter, she honestly believes numbers against a skillful opponent leads to victory. She fights the Knight Kiba Yuuto, and she fights with numbers and little to no skills which leads her and others to losing the fight.

Burent - Burent is a Pawn in service to Riser for now. She’s a beautiful Brunette with long hair, has deep blue eyes, and wears a sexy maid outfit. Burent is one tough chick too.

Ni & Li - Ni & Li are Pawns in service to Riser for now. They are like the Nekolamada sisters which are like cat spirits, just like Koneko and Kuroka. Ni & Li are considerably weaker then Koneko and Kuroka though! Ni & Li are cute cat girls, who also fought with Koneko and lost twice in rating games. One has brown hair the other green hair that reaches just below their shoulders. Just like Koneko they have short tempers especially towards those they fight. Their both really cute but their rather childish lol:) They probably will join Issei’s Harem later on.

Lie & Nel - Lie & Nel are Pawns in service to Riser for now. They are the youngest girls in Risers peerage. They wield change saws, have big mouths, and pretty bright green hair. They have a bad habit of making a scene in any rating game. These two girls are also twin sisters, to where they look physically identical as far as appearances and gender goes. They probably will join Issei’s Harem.

- (Trivia) Issei has already seen Lie & Nel naked along with Mira & Isabella once at least.

- (Trivia) Issei fought Lie & Nel in a artificial made Gym of Kuoh Academy in alternate dimension or space close towards the ending of season 1.

  • End of Riser Phoenix’s Female Peerage >>>>><<<<<
  • The list below are of The Female Student Body that Issei is attracted to. As more girls continue to enter his life things will keep getting more interesting.
  • Issei’s own home room class of girls will all be joining Issei’s Harem!
  • [Abe Kiyome] Kiyome is a Human girl, who works as a part time beast tamer. Kiyome fell in love with Issei, after he saved her from being in a arranged marriage. Issei thinks Kiyome is very attractive, though he might be unaware of her feelings towards him. She’s a first year College Student.
  • [Aiki Kiryuu] Aika is close friend of Asia and Issei. She knows about Issei’s, the girls being Devils, and about the supernatural stuff that happens around them. Aika found out about Xenovia being a Devil when she summoned her by chance. She is a potential member of Issei’s Harem.
  • [Murayami & Katase] They are both girls who Issei’s is very attached too. Issei protects these girls lives many times over, though they don’t know. Though they might think of Issei as a pervert, I believe they will join Issei’s Harem later on.
  • The end of the list for the female student body that Issei’s attracted too. The girls here are ones that are a part of or will be added to Issei’s Harem.
  • Student Body Harem’s End >>>>><<<<<