Millicas Gremory is the son of Sirzechs Lucifer and Grayfia Lucifuge, and the nephew of Rias Gremory. Although his father is Lucifer of the Four Great Satans, it is not applied to Millicas, as it is only required for Sirzechs, thus Millicas' family name is Gremory. After Rias, Millicas is next in line as family head.


Millicas is a young boy with short crimson red hair and red eyes.


Millicas is shown to be a well-mannered boy. Despite his young age, Millicas is shown to be very responsible even planning about his future peerage.


Millicas was born a few years before the start of the series.

Plot Edit

Birth of the Breast Dragon EmperorEdit

Millicas first appeared in Volume 5 in the Gremory Castle to greet Rias when she returned to the Underworld .

The Heroic Oppai DragonEdit

In Volume 10, he and his grandmother, Venelena Gremory, are shown to be visiting Issei and Rias after the two of them finished their Oppai Dragon Campaign. Venelena then scolds Rias for her lack of initiative towards her relationship with Issei before asking Issei to reconsider what he should call Rias in private. He and his grandmother then leave the two of them.

In the Volume13 short story "The Worry of the Next, Next Heir" (which takes place after Volume 12), Millicas goes to the Hyoudou Residence and lives with them. He later has a mock battle against Issei, Kiba, and Gasper. Despite losing to them, his power is extraordinary and his talent is said to be the same as that of Vali by Issei. During his stay, Millicas reveals that he wants to make a team like his father in the future. Later, when Sirzechs asked him whether he likes Satan Red or Oppai Dragon, Millicas chooses Oppai Dragon. This made Sirzechs sad, and it became worse when he sees Issei and Millicas getting along. At the end, Issei calls him Millicas instead of Millicas-sama.

The Legend of Oppai Dragon and his Lively CompanionsEdit

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Being the son of two Ultimate-Class Devils, Millicas possesses an incredible amount of talent which Issei compares to be at level with Vali. Like his father and aunt, Millicas also possesses the Power of Destruction  inherited from his grandmother. Despite Millicas' young age, he has shown better control of his Power of Destruction than that of his aunt, being able to shoot them like a shotgun as well as controlling its direction.