Devils of the Old School Building[edit | edit source]

Life 0[edit | edit source]

We meet our hero Issei Hyoudou, who isn't very popular among the students of Kuou Academy. An accused peeper, wrongly accused becaused he didn't actually but he was there.

Unexpectedly Ise meets Yuuma Amano, who asks him to be his girlfriend.

At the end of their date, Yuuma ask Ise to die for her and promptly impales him with a spear of light. Lieing on the ground bleeding to death, seeing his blood on his hand, crimson in color, he recalls the beautiful girl with crimson hair he saw at school. Desiring to grope her oppai, she appears in front of him. She informs Ise if she will take care of him, he will belong to her and live for her.

Ise loses consciousness as he sees her crimson red hair. memek

Life 1: I quit being Human[edit | edit source]

After being nearly killed by Yuuma Amano, Ise is having dreams of being killed by her. A dream he has had since then.

While on his way to school, Ise feels the sun piercing through his skin and can't stand it. At night he becomes faster and stronger but when the sunrises he feels like himself before his date.

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Life 2: I start as a Devil[edit | edit source]

Life 3: I made a Friend[edit | edit source]

Life 4: I'm saving my Friend![edit | edit source]

New Life[edit | edit source]

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