Uroboros and the Promotion TestEdit

Life 0Edit

Azazel receives a private communication from Vali concerning people within Khaos Brigrade, specifically the Hero Team, going after Ophis. It is also revealed that Azazel is being alienated from the other factions.

Life 1: Study and Mating SeasonEdit

The morning starts with an argument between Rias and Akeno over who gets to give Issei a good morning kiss.

Sense Issei's confession, Rias has been behaving like a child. Her personality has also become more stable and she's filled more confidence sense the Rating Game with Sairaorg Bael. Also, Akeno reveals Rias feels that she was a burden to Issei because she was injuried from her fight with the Longinus Regulus Nemea.

Akeno realizes she needs to hone her own abilities and skills. She still desire's to have an affair with Issei.

Issei mentions that Asia has become more bold and must be because of Rias' and Akeno's influence.

Issei and his father share a father-son bonding moment.

For breakfast Ise's mom, Asia, Rias, and Akeno rotate cooking duties. Ise's lunch left to Rias.

Koneko is behaving differently

Life 2: Infinite and the Mid-class Devil Promotion Test!Edit

Life 3: The Rebellious HeroesEdit



Lost LifeEdit

Complete translation on Baka-Tsuki

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